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End The Pain Project -Dedicated to Global Reduction of Phantom Limb Suffering for Amputees - FREE ToolKit
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Phantom Limb Pain Reduction

Mirror Box Therapy Video

Mirror Box Therapy developed by neurologist V.S. Ramachandran. Demonstrated by Andrew T. Austin, NLP Master Practitioner.



Successful Treatment of Phantom Limb Syndrome at Walter Reed Hospital









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Phantom limb pain occurs for at least 80% of limb amputees and can be excruciating, interfering with all aspects of life. Following amputation, the amputee may continue to feel sensations from the missing limb. This suggests limb perceptions may be hard wired in the brain, contributing to sensations of pain that last long after limb loss.

Mirror therapy, developed by the eminent neurologist, V.S. Ramachandran and successfully trialed by Dr. Jack Tsao at Walter Reed Hospital, is a low-cost means to reduce or eliminate on-going pain for landmine and war victims, as well as those affected by accident and disease, around the world.


"The mirror treatment targets the deranged sensor system itself. It essentially takes a misfiring sensor warning system functioning under an illusion that something is terribly wrong out in the world it monitors and feeds it an alternate set of signals that calm it down. The new signals may even reset the sensor". --Dr. Atul Gawande The Itch, New Yorker Magazine June 30,2008.



Inspired by this compelling information, End The Pain Project goals are threefold:

Goal One is to offer the ETPP Toolkit, free for the asking, to all amputees suffering phantom limb pain as well as their caregivers. A new interactive tracking diary is also available without cost to all amputees upon request.

Goal Two is to deliver low cost, non-invasive phantom limb pain reduction interventions and related information to amputees in third world countries affected by landmines, war and disease. ETPP trains and supports small grassroots teams of facilitators  to educate and administer these programs.

Goal Three is to present mirror therapy techniques,  prototype unbreakable plastic mirror systems and ETPP ToolKit translations to Prosthetic Training Schools, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, Clinics and related NGOs in countries affected by landmines, war and disease.



ETTP ToolKit

Based upon recent breakthroughs in brain research, the ETPP ToolKit is a freely offered resource, a pdf compilation of article links, mirror therapy video links, mirror box construction instructions and self-hypnosis scripts for low-cost, non-invasive elimination or reduction of phantom limb pain.

By committing to consistent, active participation for approximately four to five weeks, you will be joining an expanding group of amputees experiencing reduction or elimination of phantom limb pain.


Request Your ETPP ToolKit


And to ease phantom limb pain until it is released or subsides over the course of the Mirror Therapy, we have developed pain-reducing self-hypnosis recordings focused specifically on hand/arm amputations or foot/leg amputations. Soothing narrations and music encourage deep relaxation and pain reduction.  Order on CD or as mp3 downloads.



Designed for efficiency by ETPP associate, Marty Moser, the table-top mirror is constructed of sturdy white cardboard and unbreakable acrylic mirror.  The portable mirror is easy to set up, collapse and store; measures 10"x13" folded. Set-up and Mirror Therapy instructions included.  Affordable at $20 +$6 s/h for the five consecutive weeks of Mirror Therapy.



100% of your purchase  of CD, MP3 or Table-Top Mirror supports the behind-the-scenes running of ETPP like office costs, staff, project costs and needed non-invasive interventions for amputees suffering Phantom Limb Pain in developing countries.




Donations For End The Pain Project


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End The Pain Project is a non profit 501 (c) (3) action-oriented organization, producing authentic, tangible results.  Your contribution goes directly to logistical support, training, tools and other needs and is tax-deductible.

Your thoughtful donation will be applied to the purchase and transport of unbreakable mirror boxes and non-glass mirrors along with five continuous weeks of mirror therapy to each identified land mine amputee suffering phantom limb pain. $15 sends one unbreakable mirror, including shipping to a person in need.

Any donation, no matter how small, helps our small staff to carry out needed non-invasive intervention to reduce or eliminate debilitating phantom limb pain. Our first project in 2011 focused on Mirror Therapy Training Workshops in Vietnam.  The effective, low-cost mirror therapy program was extended to Cambodia in 2012.  Mirror Therapy Training Workshops in Bosnia and Rwanda are the focus for 2013.
Laos and other countries affected by landmines and war will follow as ETPP is expanded.

Join the growing numbers who support the End The Pain Project. Thank you for your generosity.





Examples of Mirror Therapy in use to eliminate phantom limb arm and leg sensations.







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