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Phantom Limb Pain Reduction

Mirror Box Therapy Video

Mirror Box Therapy developed by neurologist V.S. Ramachandran. Demonstrated by Andrew T. Austin, NLP Master Practitioner.



Successful Treatment of Phantom Limb Syndrome at Walter Reed Hospital






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Free ETTP ToolKit

Based upon recent breakthroughs in brain research, the ETPP ToolKit is an invaluable resource, a pdf compilation of article links, video links, mirror box construction instructions and self-hypnosis scripts for low-cost, non-invasive elimination or reduction of phantom limb pain.


ETPP TOOLKIT Table of Contents

ToolKit Intro/Contents

  • How Mirror Therapy Works

  • Mirror Box Construction

  • Mirror Box Use Instructions

  • Pain Relief Script - legs/feet

  • Pain Relief Script - arms/hands

  • Web Information Links



    By committing to consistent, active participation for approximately five weeks, you will be joining an expanding group of amputees experiencing reduction or elimination of phantom limb pain.

    The ETPP ToolKit, a pdf guide, is free for the asking.

    Request Your FREE ETPP ToolKit Now





Efficiently designed by Marty Moser, an ETPP associate, the table-top mirror is constructed of sturdy white cardboard and unbreakable acrylic mirror.  The portable table-top mirror is easy to set up, collapse and store; measures 10"x13" folded. Set-up and Mirror Therapy instructions included.  Affordable at $20 +$6 s/h for the five consecutive weeks of Mirror Therapy.


CD: Self-Hypnosis Downloads/ToolKit/Videos


Effective self-hypnosis CD & mp3 downloads developed specifically for amputees suffering Phantom Limb Pain. The soothing narrations and music encourage deep relaxation and pain reduction. Available on CD or as mp3 downloads. Please specify arm/hand or leg/foot when ordering mp3 downloads. CD also includes ToolKit pdf, videos, mp3s.

Script: Michael F. Garner, British-certified hypnotherapist
Narration: Joseph Weisnewski
Music: Iqbal Ishani


100% of your purchase  of CD, MP3 or Table-Top Mirror supports the behind-the-scenes running of ETPP like office costs, staff, project costs and needed non-invasive interventions for amputees suffering Phantom Limb Pain in developing countries.







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